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    They had my car for two months, it went to them for a full service and to look over the eps and Abs lights on the dashboard.. the mechanic dropped something in the engine and broke it, they then lied to me for weeks before offering to purchase and replace the engine with a working one at heir cost and to cover hire car fee untill they returned my car. The day they returned the car it broke down and now has more faults and issues than it had before they worked on it, it reading 49 faults!!!.. when the car broke down they refused to pick it up or to accept the car beining returrned to them untill the following week. Currently they have refused to cover my expences and are refusing to repair my car which may have to be scrapped now.

    I am now having to take them to court... They really can not be trusted. Everything i have stated can be proven...
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    Long story short, I was meant to go to Latvia for a stag do.

    I paid a deposit of £50 which was taken and the rest of the money was meant to be taken from my bank account a month later. Circumstances changed and I had to cancel my trip. I called them and they said that it was fine. That the remaining £217 would not be taken and that I would just lose my deposit which is perfectly acceptable.

    The following month, the money was taken and ever since they ignored all my emails. Not even a response. I find that truly inacceptable because by that time it was too late to book a flight and go and therefore I ended up paying almost £300 for a trip I could not attend.

    To me, that sounds like very poor ethics. I am still trying, 9 months later to get my money back because we are talking about £217. I will soon be thinking of escalating it and spread the word about how honest this company is.

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