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    DO NOT have your dog groomed here! They have very limited grooming skills and the staff are rude, especially the "manager". I paid £25 and they didn't bath my dog or cut his nails, as they had overbooked in the run up to Christmas they didn't have time. However they did have time to take full payment! In fact all they did was trim his tail. My partner actually thought that I had not been to the groomers when he saw our dog that evening. I took my dog back for his coat and mane to be cut the next day but was met with aggressiveness from the manager. She even had the cheek to run her fingers through my dog’s hair and say it was greasy! Well it would be - her staff didn't bath him the previous day! She started arguing with me and refused to complete the cut (probably because she didn't know how to). What outraged me the most though was how she aggressively shoved my dog back into my arms with no consideration for my dog's welfare and demanded me to leave. When I requested a refund she refused, saying that I had got what I had paid for......REALLY?........They failed to cut my dog's hair or trim his nails and that is what I paid for! The manager even threatened me with "be careful there's a lot of staffies out there" and "watch your back when you leave, I wouldn't want to see you get hurt love") A manager that cannot deal with a legitimate complaint, who gets aggressive and argumentative and addresses her customer condescendingly as "love" is obviously out of her remit. I left the shop in tears and £25 out of pocket with a scruffy "greasy" dog. Please save yourself from the disregard these amateurs have for clients and their much loved dogs, they just want your money. The clothes in the shop are very overpriced (£39.99 for a small Chihuahua jumper) so best to avoid is my advice. I spent £114.95 for two little coats and the “groom” and was treated so outrageously. I would suggest to the manager puts my money towards a customer care course
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